Bellaire Tree Services

A healthy tree can dramatically improve the landscape, adding beauty and providing valuable shade.

At Bellaire Tree Experts, we have extensive experience providing Bellaire property owners with valuable tree service solutions. Even in the face of summer drought and storm damage, with proper care and preventative services Texas trees can continue to grow and thrive.

Using the services of a professional arborist can help you to ensure that your Bellaire trees remain healthy and strong. At Bellaire Tree Experts, we can help you to ensure that your landscape will flourish — even in harsh conditions.

Here are some of the Bellaire tree services that we offer:
Tree Planting
    • Tree Planting - Tree planting, when done right can be a welcome addition to any property, providing a wealth of valuable benefits.
    • Mycorrhizal Treatment - Mycorrhizal is a devastating fungus which attaches itself to the tree’s root system. At Bellaire Tree Experts, we treat the entire tree — including the root system, for a healthier, happier tree.
    • Fertilization - Fertilization is an important part of delivering nutrients to a tree’s root system. Proper fertilization is essential for a tree’s health.
    • Disease and Pest Control - The most common health problem in trees and shrubs is a bacterial or fungal-based disease brought on by pests. Combat problems by having your trees inspected and treated early.
    • Disease Remediation - A tree infected with a disease should be treated immediately to give it the best outcome. At Bellaire Tree Experts, we have extensive experience in treating common Texas tree diseases, and can help to give your tree the best chance of survival.
Tree Cavity Work
    • Cavity Work - A tree cavity left untreated can lead to further damage, and even death. Tree cavity work should always be done by a professional arborist, to ensure the best outcome.
    • Seasonal Treatments - Just like we get flu shots and other vaccinations to maintain our health, trees benefit from seasonal treatments. Winterizing and spring greening are of particular importance in maintaining a tree's vitality. But summer and fall maintenance should not be ignored.
    • Construction Remediation - During property development, trees that are on location can experience stress and may become damaged. To ensure proper growth and survival, remedies such as water injections, and deep root feeding may be required.
Tree Trimming & Pruning
    • Pruning and Trimming - While trimming and pruning is important, if done incorrectly it can have lifelong devastating results. Hiring a professional arborist is the best way to ensure trees are pruned properly.
    • Tree or Stump Removal - Tree removal by professional arborists may be necessary following a storm or to remove unsightly, dead trees.
Tree Cabling
  • Tree Cabling - While the oak trees in Texas are a magnificent site, they often conflict with modern urban developments, getting in the way of pedestrians, houses, and cars. Tree cabling offers a safe way to allow the old tree to continue growing, without resorting to butchering the tree’s appearance.

For more information on Bellaire tree services, contact Bellaire Tree Experts — Bellaire’s leading tree care specialists with over 40 years of experience providing Bellaire residents with expert tree care solutions.